Gold star for the Golden Team

We encourage you to read the article below about a fantastic initiative by a group of students, called the Golden Team, who are transforming their concern for those less fortunate than themselves into concrete action. Recognising that disabled children are unable to access Mauritius’ “free” education system, they have taken it upon themselves to right this social injustice. They are supported by the Minister of Education, Dr Vasant Bunwaree, who, of course, is the one responsible for this glaring failure to provide educational opportunities for all. Why is he delighted to do so? Because these charitable students will fill the gap at a fraction of the costs that would be incurred by the Government.
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Miss Ile Durable – Miss Earth (Mauritius)

We are delighted to announce that Anne-Lise R. has been selected to represent Mauritius at the highly respected Miss Earth contest. Miss Earth 2010 will be held in Vietnam during November with the final ceremony broadcast live around the world on December 4th. During the programme, Anne-Lise will tour Vietnam, receive lectures on sustainable development, undertake site visits and participate in actual projects. It will be a unique and life-changing experience that she will share with the representatives of some 90 other countries.

On her return, Anne-Lise will help We Love Mauritius, in partnership with the private sector and other NGOs – especially those involved with children, to advance the Government’s objective of a sustainable island. She will be the face of Maurice Ile Durable and the Voice of Youth and Mother Nature.

Anne-Lise, 21 from Port Louis, has become one of Mauritius’ leading models since finishing Loreto College, Quatre Bornes in 2007. She was the Face of the Month in October 2008 and a finalist for Elite Model Look in 2010. She has worked with many local and international designers and photographers, appeared in print and TV adverts, fashion shows and a Bollywood film. In June 2010, she featured on the front cover of the special environmental edition of Essentielle magazine, the first to be printed on recycled paper.

We were very pleased with the number and quality of the applicants who wished to represent our country. Candidates were interviewed on the basis of their CVs and we selected the best of each of three categories: professional models, recent graduates and the general public. Their details were sent to the organisers of Miss Earth who made the final decision. In 2011, we plan to empower the youth of Mauritius to choose who they want to represent them. We are also negotiating with the organisers to host a future Miss Earth contest in Mauritius, perhaps as soon as 2012.

Social justice for Mauritian Creoles

Those of us who can trace their roots back to Africa continue to suffer from institutionalised discrimination. The announcement this week that the government will introduce Kreol as an optional subject in primary schools to help the disadvantaged to read and write, adds insult to injury. Not only that, it goes against the government’s own 2005-2010 strategy for primary education.

This excellent document promised to eliminate the CPE examination, a “de-loading” of the academic content and the implementation of an holistic, 21st century curriculum. It recognised the challenge faced by children because the language of instruction (English) is not the language of the home (Kreol or Bhojpuri) but reinforced that English-based education opens up the greatest opportunities for our children as citizens of an interconnected world. One wonders if the current Minister of Education has even read it.
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