The Hymn of the rLOVEution

[To the tune of dIre sTraits “Brothers in Arms
Dedicated to Anjalay Coopen, Kaya and Berger Agathe]

These mist covered mountains
Are home now for We
And so are the lowlands
And even the Sea

We promise they’ll give you
Their fields and their farms
You’ll no longer burn to avenge
Your dead sister in arms

Through the streets of destruction
Baptisms of fire
We witnessed your suffering
As the battles raged higher

And though you were hurt so bad
In fear and alarm
We left you alone there
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Orange-gate update: Political police?


The purpose of the Mauritian Police Force is supposed to be: “To uphold the law fairly and firmly, to prevent crime and bring to justice those who break the law. To protect the community and act with common sense, integrity and sound judgement…”. In his classic allegorical novel, Animal Farm, George Orwell warns us that even the most idealistic leadership can become irredeemably corrupt over time. The surest evidence for this is when the de facto law of the land has degenerated to: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” Is Mauritius sliding down this slippery slope?

With lightning speed the police responded to the complaint Nandanee Soornack (Labour activist) made on 10th December 2012. The acccused, Yogida Sawmynaden (MSM activist), was questioned, arrested and provisionally charged with a crime that doesn’t even exist in law merely eight days later.   The farce only ended when the the Director of Public Prosecutions intervened, ruling that there was “no case to answer”. Contrast this with a complaint first lodged over two and a half ago…

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