Fight the good fight

As declared a month ago, We Love Mauritius joined Kalipso and George Ah Yan in the fight to end the progressive privatisation of the public domain. The first battle was to stop a restaurant being built on Mont Choisy Public Beach.

Today that battle has been decisively won with the State Law Office deciding that such private businesses can only operate on land that has been “de-proclaimed”, i.e. removed from the public domain, in other words privatised. Three cheers for Dr Abu Kasenally, Minister of Housing and Lands, who announced to us last week that de-proclaiming pubic beaches is out of the question.
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The Freedom Fighters

Yesterday a dozen or so concerned citizens were battling to defend the rights of Mauritian citizens and to halt the privatisation of the public domain. Led by General Georges Ah Yan, the freedom fighters were battling the Beach Authority at the District Council in Mapou. Vassen Kauppaymoothoo, from Special Ops, joined the fray just in the nick of time, straight from his glorious victory against the Ports Authority, who wanted to water down the environmental protection laws that govern them.

The background to the conflict is as follows. The Beach Authority (without the authority of the District Council or the Ministry of Housing and Lands) had been busy converting the old toilets on Mont Choisy public beach into a restaurant. It is widely known that they had promised to lease it at a bargain price to the infamous gangster and owner of Cafe de la Plage in Grand Baie, Mr Achee Leung. This privileged crime lord has also been gifted (along with political stooge, Mr Jayraj Woochit) with Ilot Gabriel by the Prime Minister.
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