Open Agenda – Part 1

Hi, my name is Richard Munisamy, you have probably never heard of me. Basically, I am nobody and have done little of note apart from co-founding the NGO, We Love Mauritius. I am making this statement to explain why I have taken the Electoral Supervisory Commission to court over the present elections. Perhaps you are a little curious. Continue reading


An Election with no Political Parties?

As we approach another general election, while alliances have shifted, one thing remains stubbornly the same. We still have no rules to counter the habitual opacity of political parties when it comes to revealing the sources and beneficiaries of their funds. The Electoral Commission has failed to provide a binding code of conduct, and organisations like Transparency Mauritius have been unsuccessful in demanding one. It has now been revealed that the out-going Government could have improved the situation with a small amendment to a single law. By failing to do so have they shot themselves in the foot? Continue reading