Draft letter to the new PM


“Gouverner pour le peuple – avec le peuple”

Dear Sir Anerood Jugnauth

Congratulations on your election victory, but there is something you need to know. Many of us didn’t vote for you. We voted against Ramgoolam. If you had been allied with him, you would surely have been humiliated instead of Bérenger. Do we have blind faith in you? No. It was not without reason that you were crushed 60-0 in 1995. In 2000, you were given another chance, but your party failed to live up to expectations and was replaced once more. Of course, the alternative turned out to be even worse. Will you do better this time? We hope so.


You strengthened our democracy when you made us a Republic in 1992. We call on you to do it again. We want no more Ramgoolams. We want no more Prime Ministers who print a new bank note to celebrate their wife’s birthday or shut down anti-corruption agencies because their Ministers are under investigation.

We want an open, transparent and accountable Government. Give us a Freedom of Information Act and cancel confidentiality clauses like Sithanen’s deal with the Chinese. Do not dodge criticism from the Director of Audit and do not compare yourselves with your predecessors. We don’t care if they were worse. We want Government to get better and keep on getting better.

We want a corruption-free Government. You ratified the UN Convention Against Corruption in 1994, now implement it – all of it. Fully regulate political parties. Criminalise unexplained wealth. Investigate Ramgoolam and all his agents – and yours, Bérenger’s and Duval’s too. Give us a Constitutionally independent anti-corruption agency free from all restrictions and political interference.

We want to participate in designing our own sustainable future. Your Vision 2020 was forgotten, Ramgoolam’s Maurice Ile Durable was a fiasco. Let us learn from these mistakes and try again – together – and keep on trying until we get it right.

The Economy

Please don’t talk about another economic miracle. Did you really create the first one? Can you even explain it? Well our mothers can. The capitalists came and exploited them in their textile factories – and became rich. When our mothers asked for a decent wage, they left. Yes, our standard of living increased, but at the expense of our quality of life and the strength of our families. Now many of us are borrowing to make ends meet and the burden is becoming too heavy to bear.

Our economy is in a mess. As a nation we buy more goods and services than we sell. To balance the books, we are increasing the national debt and selling off our best land to foreigners who contribute little but waste and pollution. Is this sustainable? Please do something about it. If you don’t have the answers then call in experts who do – but not the IMF or the World Bank. Find consultants who prioritise people above profits. We measure prosperity by the quality of our hospitals, schools and leisure facilities – not per capita GDP.

And please, please, please help those who are living and begging on the streets. Their suffering is our shame.

The Environment

If the economy is in a mess then our environment is even worse. How different were our islands when you were a child? Things may look fine on the surface but what happens when we peer beneath? What’s happening to our beaches? Where are all the corals that once filled our lagoon and the fishes that made them their home? Where has all the soil gone and the fertility that allowed plants to flourish without chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides? Please find out and start fixing it.

Our predecessors extinguished the Dodo, but where is the rest of our wildlife? Where are the wild and natural places where they can hide and thrive? Where is the unique biodiversity that we constantly hear about? Or forefathers felled the ancient forests, why aren’t we replanting them? Why are fields lying idle – waiting to be converted into housing? For the sake of our children and theirs to come, let’s give back to Nature more of what was once Hers and stop covering our beautiful land with concrete and tarmac.


Is education still free? Private tuition was once a choice; why did it become a necessity?  What price do our children pay in terms of time and energy for hobbies, sports and simply having fun? What about the families that cannot afford it?

What kind of education do our children need? Should we continue to cram their heads with facts and figures that are just a click away on a smart phone? If we aspire to have a knowledge economy then we must create knowledge and not just learn it. We must nourish our children’s natural curiosity and coach them to think creatively, think critically and most of all think for themselves. They will need to collaborate together to be competitive in a connected world. Are our schools, teachers and curricula up to the task?

Successive governments have wavered over reform. Now we need a revolution. We don’t expect you to have all the answers, but we do expect you to seek out those that do. Our future depends on it.

The End

Finally, we ask of you one more thing. Get the ball rolling and then get out of the way. Return to your well deserved retirement in Reduit. Let a new generation take your place. Advise when they ask, but don’t interfere. Give them the wisdom of your years and share with them the lessons learned from your mistakes. Do all this with elegance and serenity and maybe, just maybe, you will be remembered as a true Father of the Nation.

Signed by 2000+ Facebookers who love Mauritius.



249 thoughts on “Draft letter to the new PM

  1. i did not vote for those people because they are not better than ramgoolam but this letter really reflect reality and what many people think. so great initiative hope this don’t end up in deaf ears

    • How true of all that you so well said. Let’s not give SAJ the belief that the majority of Mauritian supported his party. The truth is that w e had very little choice.we really don’t have faith in the newly elected Govt.

    • I’m so glad and relieved that you, youngsters don’t fear to speak out for a change. Those alledged leaders are no more than pocket fillers, they don’t give a damn about children and their upbringing, you know why?, just because they are socially disabled. They haven’t had an appropriate education or formation to rule a country, they just don’t have a clue how to do it. THEY SHOULD CLEAR THE WAY and give the staf over to young, educated poeple. And my advice to teachers en trainers in teh Mauritian society, pay attention to the human side of students first then stuff their head with letters and figures.

      • Pfffff..I had an adrenaline rush while typing my comment, I left quite a lot of mistakes out there! sorryyyyy…

  2. omg!!!!!!! top netz!!!! hope what is mentioned above will be done else we shall assume once more that it was a waste of time voting for you and your team!!!

  3. Dear blogger/elector,

    we had the choice and we chose the most competent. The new generation is still too angry to take up such a challenge. Only a man of calibar can harness the waves of prosperity and bring it to shores. Don’t rock n roll over the past hits. Think about the future and tell SAJ where to start. I would suggest that he undertakes a good briefing with his new ministers especially as far as corrupt practices are concerned, welfare of the people first ( not your people only) and to make an inventory of the situation and ask the ministers to prepare their action plan in terms of priorities and to communicate same to the people so that we can monitor their progress. I have utter faith in SAJ.
    Long live Mauritius & SAJ

    • Many are of the opinion that we elected the lesser evil of the only two viable alternatives. Is the new generation really so angry? But the point about why they haven’t taken up the challenge is well made. Perhaps they will rise to fill a vacuum…

    • You are right. We have great great hope in the new government. We also expect the government to warn his ministers about the corrupt practices and that he would be ready to get rid of those who are corrupt. We want a morally clean Mauritius where people won’t try to raise us against each other to gain manipulative power.

  4. Well ranking is indeed very important. Imagine you get a class with 30 excellent students that learn very fast and 5 student that are average and need time to learn something. Worst case scenario the teacher will have to decrease his speed and penalise the 30 students because he has to account for the 5 slow learners.
    Note that I am not saying they are idiots, but slow learners ie, they learn in 24hours something a remarkable student would learn in just 5 hrs BUT they do learn it well during that 24hrs( its just a difference in time)

    And also Competition is what drives humans to progress…. Just take a look at singapore and see for yourself, the competition is very hard there and the country? Well even though it’s smaller in size, it is much more developed than Mauritius. Think about it well.

    Ps: Learned this from a teacher who taught me statistics, he explained it so well you would understand right away the advantages. Sorry that I may be bad at explaining.

  5. Joliement et sincerement dit, mais le Aneerood Jughnauth que je vois aujourdhui parait sincere paternel, et surtout surement beaucoup plus…..saj . . Donc esperons que les choses vont bouger dans la bonne direction pour nous, Mauriciens qui aimons notre pays. neanmoins apres la raclee que ce peuple enfin admirable a inflige a ces deux individus qui pensaient avoir tout pour faire de ce pays ce qu’ils en voulaient, je suis enfin satisfait que desormais les politiciens savent que les donnees ont change avec les facilites dont nous disposons aujourdhui avec les reseaux Fb et autres et qu’ils n’ont qu’a bien se tenir pour ne pas se trouver a leur tour “dans caro cane” a la prochaine elections. Vive nos futurs dirigeants, vive l’ile Maurice moderne, et vive nous les electeurs.

  6. To whoever wrote this.

    Congratulations. If you were to be candidate. I would have given you all my heart and my vote. This is everything one might need for a better Mauritius. Even if not all you said can be achieved in just a few years, we can give it a try. And next time send it to the political parties to they have a better Agenda!

  7. I would like to add to the education part as well. Why are we restricting the children to learn only the 5 subjects at primary, and some 14 subjects at secondary levels that are only written. Please widen the education. It is not after being unsuccessful at form 3 that some students will be allocated pre vocation subjects. Request the PM to add more subjects like music, media, workshop, wood work, some more practical subjects. Make some pilot projects where university students mentor secondary students special in the disfavored community. This will definitely help the education.

    Graduates are sitting at home. We don’t need compensation, we need jobs! Civil engineers are working as aeronautical engineers in Air Mauritius. Its like a lawyer doing a heart surgical on a patient. Funny isn’t it? Eradicate the process of seeking backing when applying for a job. That’s why people are seeking jobs abroad.

  8. The only thing i didnt appreciate is the the line stating ” this isn’t india” ,dońt forget when mru was in need it was india only that came to help..whether there’s begger or not talk about mauritius as a whole,do not compare with indians..on the whole hats off for the blog states truth 👍

  9. Hey that is a very good article with very important keywords like poverty on street, regrowth of forest, 100 % natural farming and other good keywords point out. Top Net

  10. We want a law to cut the wings of SocioCulturelles and confine them to the noble duty of uplifting the social fabric. We want a law to prevent them from giving ‘MOTS D’ORDRES’ at each election and thus taking Mauritian for nincompoops. We do not want to see you or any MLA to rub shoulders with these parasites at functions. Should any MLA be invited, they should not address the audience. Leave Grand Bassin to pundits, Eid to mawlanas. Learn from the Church on this front.

    MORE… Later. ..

    • We need to know how the money (SUDSIDE) IS SPENT DALTAMAN GETS SUDSIDE FOR 289 TEMPLE,he gets a duty free car which he runs to visit his women,his private life is filthy he has affairs all over the island, now a guy like him is going to give social values to our children we do not have a single chair that can be rented out from a Shivala in case of a mortality in a family,some shivala’s are in such poor state under going repairs for years the sudside is paid but the shivala does not function.I will have to stop here.

  11. I would like to shed some lights on this “when our mothers asked for a decent wage, they left”. My family were the investors you mentioned. We built factories, we created jobs, we built roads, and schools. These investors singlehandedly created the middle class. There was nothing when we came.

    This is a story only a handful of us knows and even less to tell the story from our point of view. My family came as part of the 10 years EPZ deal the Mauritius govt implemented. At our peak we employed over a thousand of local nationals, with equally as much foreign workers. Can you imagine the sheer amount of people this makes? We nearly ran the town of Piton.

    The EPZ deal, among other things, included understanding for your mothers’ wages, we were in no liberty to raise or decrease the rates; and those wages were directly proportional to the amount we paid foreign workers. The spirit of the EPZ contract was drafted in the favor of the local nationals. We couldn’t get residential permit, we couldn’t bring back any equipment we purchased, and when we left all our assets were transferred to national banks.

    Ask any journalists circa 1980-1990. We gave the people the purchasing power, the possibility to own a brick house, electricity, water, telephone lines. We were living an adventure together.

    The reason we left weren’t because your mothers asked for a raised. Our EPZ deal expired, and at the very same time, United States implemented a quota policy – barring most of our exports. The AGOA deal came 10 years too late. On a global scale, Mauritius immediately became non-competitive overnight. We had no buyers for our prices.

    It was a series of both global and regional events that led to our departure. Since then, your economy has stagnated and your purchasing power decreasing.

    Nowadays, my family are living like regular middle class citizens, a small house no pool, a dog and a car. Did we make an awful lot from the island? No. Who did? Like Geatan Duval’s first BMW, I know where it came from, story for another time.

    • Thanks for the unique insight. Sorry about the way the govt treated your assets, did you know that when you signed up? The country is far more capitalist friendly now. Your point about the US is well made. However, some textile factories remain here and they also employ (exploit) foreign labour because Mauritians will no longer work in such conditions for low wages. Their owners are as rich as SGD. Perhaps you should have stuck it out or moved to Bangladesh? One wonders where textiles will be produced when there are no more poor countries to lift out of poverty…

    • I was there and I can testify that it is true. J I want to thank you and your family for helping Mauritius to pool out of poverty. It is indeed by using the money obtained through the economic boom that the Mauritian governor was able to invest in other sectors.

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  13. I’m not the PM but I will leave a comment. Yes it is true that fiasco’s such as Lady Sarojni’s head on a Rs20 note existed and I’m sure SAJ must have regretted such a move soon after. NCR has left our country in tatters. Yes we have supermarkets etc, but we have extreme debts too. Banks luring the public with credit cards, casinos, betting shops and lotteries designed to make the poor poorer with false hopes, non-existent law & order, there is much to fix and it will take a long time. The measures you mention form only part of deeper underlying issues. Jugnauth isn’t perfect (not many governments around the world are) but, as you will agree, he is certainly the lesser of two evils. For one thing, he has immediately given us the right to speak our minds and say what we feel.. this was a basic right taken away from us by NCR. I agree with the spirit of your letter but I’m also aware that people’s attitudes, culture and general demeanours cannot change “just like that”. One may say Jugnauth was not responsible for our first economic miracle. However he went along with it and nurtured it, contrary to what NCR would have ever done. Yes we (including myself) worked in the factories from 7 till 5, every day… but we still had some sort of work in a country which didn’t have any work at all. Jugnauth had foresight and vision in many smaller schemes implemented such as solar heater, cheap computers etc. A lot of what you write I agree with, but i’m just saying it will take a long time to really ‘get this right’ and I (hope) believe that, this time round, he will be a better PM, more of a father, than before. Like I said I just hope i’m right in saying this.

  14. Thank you for this. It’s the perfect and most rational reaction to the results of yesterday’s results. The work starts now.

  15. Donneurs de lecon, va!
    Laissez la nouvelle equipe travailler au lieu de donner des lecons comme ci on vous en a demander!
    P vine deterre ban squelette comme billet 20 datant d’avant 95. Mo croire ki SAJ assez intelligent pour apprendre des erreurs du passe.
    BTW, how come you forgot Paul Berenger and his agents? And only asked to “Investigate Ramgoolam and all his agents – and yours and Duval’s too!?!?”

  16. this address to Sir Aneerood Jugnauth at such a crucial moment of our history as a country says it all. I totally agree with what has been said here-above. Long live our country Mauritius!

    • What is he fatigue,he is busy carrying on his vendetta,if he does not deliver with his homme le plus rich of the indian ocean with the price of petrol gone down by 50% then we are in trouble dayal is already at his old game ordering equipment (comma la porte Caserne)after all the rain we had where did we get flood the work has already been carried out the path has already been laid for them.i agree the last goverment had to be booted out.but we do not need a mobile bridge. Who was the pilot of the helicopter that crashed some years ago?

  17. Who wrote this?? Beautiful….Can this be made to go viral? would it be possible that each of us Mauritians print this and send it to all the newly elected members of parliament and make sure each have a copy before they are sworn in office. This is what every Mauritian deep down wishes….Kudos to the author…

  18. Hi Anonymous, while most of the article is true. the last part pins the inflated balloon. SAJ, is the power of the MSM party. PJ stills need PG (Pravind Jugnauth stills need parental guidance).

    • PJ has his own style which people do not acknowledge because he isn’t aggressive and self-aggrandising like other politicians. The election of Osman Mohamed shows that the electorate is maturing.

  19. For your concern,not all teachers are the same.Am the kind of teacher who gives his best in class and no private tuition.At times would stay longer with students to cater for their needs without a single rupee.Should not generalise the problem!!!

  20. The education system needs to be heavily reworked, you should instill values, morals and respect in our students. Enough with this system of competition, I do not see arts and dancing in our curriculum, I do not see community service in our curriculum, I do not see students that will one day run this country. Instead I see boys and girls kissing shamelessly in public, smoking and using vile and crude words like it is part of our daily vernacular. SAJ, you should fix this. Make these students dream about life, make them dream about becoming lawyers and doctors, make them dream to see their country become a land of prosperity, respect and fun.

    We do not want tyranny, we do not want oppression, we do not want more taxes on our little income, we do not want incompetents at the realm of society, those who pillage and enslave. We want honesty, compassion and truth, we want equality, fairness and freedom. When we criticize, it is not to shame you, it is to show you where the gaps are and how it should be mended.

    But most of all, we want you to make us proud to be called Mauritians, we are a proud nation, give us the tools and education for us to represent our nation wherever in the world, so that people remember Mauritius and look towards us for inspiration. Make us remember our culture, our food, our music and most important, make us brothers and sisters again, enough with this division among religion, races, color and language.

    Make us live in peace and harmony, make us happy again. Your time starts now.

  21. Yes Man this is it.

    Do as people of this country wish and not as 60 Deputy wish.

    I’m ready to help where needed to build a better future four our nation.

  22. Sa bizin tous dimoune lire. et pren l’example de ceci.

    1 PM pas la pour faire c qui li envi.
    2 La loi pour PM c nous le peuple ki bizin decider.
    3 Tous ban depance bizin comptabilizer, car c nous largent
    4 si pas capav faire l’enquete dir nous met 1 lot dimoune ki pour capav.
    5 pas vin dir la caise vide, Rode sa ban ki ti la depuis 10ans in faire gaspillage faire lenquete avec zot. si zot in gaspille largent public faire zot payer r zot cash + l’intere.
    apres ferme zot sans cotion.

    Le peuple in plin r zot gaspilage pas bliyer Post PM = nimport qui travailler lor sa la tere la.


  23. Very enlightening. and what seems to be knowledgeable. A pity that the author chooses in his ranting to ignorantly attack the popular whipping boy by those not too bothered with truth or those finding any real facts as not being important. Generalizing the term “the foreigners” without any genuine basis or facts shown for his accusations…………… .shame on you! shame on you!!!

    • The term “foreigners” is used quite specifically – those who buy IRS and RES property. Sorry if it wasn’t clear. If you have anything good to say about the process…

  24. and there are so many young freshly graduated doctors, jobless working in the private practice trying desperately to make ends meet.. when the govt. is employing retired doctors to work for social security and as advisor.The age for doctors to retire should be 60,

  25. I agree. However SAJ is a born leader he will know what to do to bring dignity to the Mauritian people. As all human beings he did some mistakes hopefully he got the necessary wisdom to learn from it and be wiser to get us to the second and most memorable ecomomic growth ever… that all i can wish to Mauritius

  26. We should also remind our dear SAJ not to rename stadiums after his personality to propel his greatness. His greatness will be evaluated by the actions that he has claimed to undertake in the electoral program he has put forth. He has a mandate of 5 years to prove his worth to a completely new generation who has put their faith in him. In 5 years if our evaluation is not satisfactory, then he will be made to remember the power that lies in the hands of the population. Be humble, and serve the population, not your own causes.

  27. Wow! I wish this letter goes viral! The nation needs to read this!It makes me happy to know that people like you still exist! Great job!

  28. well said my friend ,but i guess how much these politician will take on board?? Especially MR Jugnath ,they promised a lot just to gain power.Lets hope age made him a wiser person.If he listen to just a fraction of your message ,will be a great step toward proper democracy and prosperity LETS HOPE

    • Yes, Mr Jugnath will listen to my reply because he is a great man and I am positive that he will work relentlessly to make Mauritius a country worth living again.Well done Sir to take power in your hand once more.

  29. This is not India…wow ..incredible..Your Prime Minister beg Indian Government day and night for Financial Aid and benefits and you have guts to say things about India..!!

    • The phrase will be removed from the actual letter. You are right, India has done much for Mauritius and we have not repaid you well. Our reluctance to change the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement should rightly anger you. Let us hope things change soon so that you can recoup the just taxes you need to develop your country.

      • We will never sign that double taxation treaty. We just want to benefit from the loopholes in your financial systems and reap the benefits on your back.

      • Thanks for quickly accepting the mistake. Mauritius derives lots of strength from India…no harm emulating only the goodies but it should be with a sense of gratitude.

  30. After reading ze article I felt like each Mauritian such have a copy of it.. N help saj accomplish his duty coz he is not god to do it alone.. Each one of us shud help him

  31. I TOTALLY disagree with this post.
    There were 100 other candidates, So if the people wished to vote against ramgoolam and not saj, well they could have voted the OTHER candidates.
    Just putting up such a post now is Totally stupid. (My point of View)
    OR AT LEAST have the guts to Actually send a letter to the PM.
    So in short, whoever posted this, is very wrong.

    • You are welcome to disagree. However, be aware that parliamentary democracies encourage tactical voting by design. The leader of the majority political party becomes the Prime Minister and if you really don’t want him, it is better that you vote for the party that can beat him rather than for the candidate you actually prefer. Perhaps Mauritius should explore other democratic approaches? For example: Republic 2.0

      • Excellent and don’t forget about the Police who contribute so much vied contraventions and fines, SAJ did promise for syndicate in the police, hope it was dot fake and for those who dislike policemen, you just have to ask a wife how does she feel when her husband is working in a place where there are riots taking place or ask children how they feel when their father is working night shift. Its high time to pay respect to the Police,its only because they are awake that we can sleep peacefully and they only get peanuts at the end of the month

      • I read the letter and totally agree with the 6 first phrases. Of course, people are welcome to disagree. That’s freedom of expression. This same freedom which was starting to be suppressed by the PM stepping out. There are things like that which contributed to his defeat. Actions of his, that led the 57% of voters to ‘ VIRER MAM’!! It is unfortunate of Paul Berenger to have gone in this ‘mésalliance’. But that serves him as lesson. The population’s vote only reflected its deception and its ‘Anti-Navin reign’. We didn’t vote ‘for’ but voted ‘against’. Mauritians wanted to show that they are not stupid and should not be taken for granted. So strategically, yes, we had to vote for the ‘Next Big’ which could defeat the actual Government. We had to leave behind the individual candidates we preferred. But the change HAD to take place. And this case was an intelligent voting case!

        Now the 5coming years will be a challenge and since we entrusted our country in their hands, we have hopes that this Alliance take the right path for the good sake of the country.

    • Be wise man. Voting the other 100 candidates would not bring down PTR. The only way was to vote the other big party in Mass which they did. Their target was to bring him down n the only solution was to side with the second biggest one.

  32. Let also meritocracy, competency and justice prevail in the Civil service. Head of departments and ministries on contract and above retiring age should leave and make room for youngsters. Previously made promotions in the administrative cadre should be reviewed and injustice corrected to relieve frustration.

  33. The arrogance with which you drafted this letter is pretty obvious. You talk as if you really did not have any choice on who to vote. By the looks of it, you have no idea about the responsibilities of a chief of state and the international pressure he has to deal with. It is easy to demand it all because you are only asking. Doing it is a hell of a task.

    If you believe SAJ will not do a good job, then you should never have voted for him. If you think you had only bad choices, then next time why don’t you try being a candidate at the elections.

    At least show the man some respect. He did not come out of retirement for his own agenda. He came back for us, to save our country. At least this is what we should believe.

    I ask people in our country to start changing their way of thinking. If we continue to think only for ourselves and the people close to us, we will never progress. We have to think and work for the country as a whole. No more protecting ”mo kaliter, mo religion, mo coulere, mo caste, mo fami, mo kamarad”. We have to protect each other and meritocracy should prevail. That is the only way.

    We have to be positive and trust our new government. Together we can do it.

    • Please read the reply above about tactical voting in parliamentary democracies and find out how often independent candidates are elected within them. Could you please elaborate on the “international pressure he has to deal with”. What the letter asks for is not impossible. If it is too difficult for SAJ then he is clearly the wrong man for the job. Some solutions to the challenges are proposed here: Revision 2020. If you have any suggestions, please share them. As for SAJ’s agenda, isn’t it pretty obvious that he left Reduit to save his son and his party? Surely trust is won…and lost?

      • Thank you for posting this and being able to see between the lines. I think that it hurts a lot of folks to think that they may actually be right, but what if everyone else thinks that they are wrong. I do hope that deeper issues are addressed, especially the private sector (and their cronies) or the local lack of confidence in locals and heavy reliance on so-called ‘experts’. Personally, I don’t think that SAJ is the right choice and if he does respect the future and not his own family, then he should have done the right thing, but then again, power is hard to let go. I would personally love to hear more of your views. Well done and keep it up! From a concerned world citizen who has spent many years in Mauritius too (and not just in the hotels and resorts, if you know what I mean).

    • Get ‘mo kaliter, mo religion, mo coulere, mo caste, mo fami, mo kamarad’ has not been created by ordinary mauritians but has been an example set by those who achieved political power..if politicians had not tolerated this before, people would not have approached those in power to get ‘backing’..today we heard a lot of preaching about transparency and meritocracy.. But backing is number one in list of criteria for recruitment, approval of applications, etc. I personally don’t find this letter to be offensive or disrespectful. The leaders are not stupid and are not that emotional or sensitive that such a letter will break their heart.. Don’t forget Med point.. N talking abt the responsibilities of a chief of state..don’t forget that he is paid for that.. N gets more than just a salary…n the family also benefits.. Sinon personn pa ti pou interese assume sa post la. N if SAJ rejoined politics for the nation, so what’s the harm in knowing what the nation thinks and expects from him.. He shud b happy that no survey is required to know that 🙂

    • I believe, that it was the reason why this letter was drafted.. for the people.. read the letter again and understand what is written in it.. it is for the people and not for one’s own agenda.. Saj did mess up before, that is why he got kicked out and same has happened to Ramgoolam. Saj got elected because there were no other choice. If you use tour brain and understand how politics is played in Mauritius then you will surely understand that voting other candidates that does not have enough representives in each region was gonna get Ramgoolam elected again because of fanatics.. same fanatics that goes to for Saj side.. they will always exist like you for example.. the real voters are those that is putting their country and its people first, and to change the current government, the logical choice, which you don’t comprehend had to be Saj. If you still don’t get this… well… gud lick mate.

    • There was indeed no choice my friend, people wanted no more “ramgoolam”, that’s all ! the other alternative “there was only one”..so we are hopeful and we entrusted him blindly here..our sincere request, is that he leaves up to the expectation and does not deceive us..thats all that my friend wanted to say…

  34. bravo!!!!genial mon ami ,bien dit et écrit..j’espere seulement que ses abrutis de politicards s’avent lire entre les lignes…

  35. Also not to discriminate against anybody in the Police Force. Ramgoolam exerted a lot of pressure and influenced the force for his personal interest. He made a mockery of the commissioner and senior figures.
    SAJ, act responsibly and give credit where credit is due. Protect our institutions and give them freedom to work in the best interest of “lepep”
    Thank you

  36. Congratulations ,
    I wish you write this in all Mauritius news paper ,so He will know that all Mauritian people’s wishes and what you have write to Him.
    Good Luck to Mauritius People’s .

  37. There was some very strong point describing the past ,present and future. The incoming team need focusing with great enthusiasm ,including every single citizen and hopefully under a true and honest leadership will take our island to the paradise to where it belongs once. At last and it’s right time for us to change our attitude so that our just expectation be fulfilled.

  38. I find the first paragraph a bit harsh, even though I feel that it is true to some extent.
    Apart from that, you have brilliantly put to words my wishes for our country.
    I hope that this will be taken into consideration!

  39. Bien zoli kozer..a lexeption peutet de system ranking for education.
    Healthy competition has to be present. Because some will work and others won’t. and then it won’t be fair to those who worked harder. si nous envi nu pays avanC, moderniser (sans pourtant affecT nu
    lenvironment ek nu culture) li primordial ki nu met lemphase lor meritocracy koT letude.

  40. I guess this guy doesn’t like SAJ,you’ve gotta agree there can’t be a perfect PM,neither was SSR !

    And could the writer please advise who may take over instead of SAJ?

    • Agreed there is no perfect leader. So how about letting the people decide where we want to go and turning the “leader” into an executor of public will?

      • Yeah right … and that is called anarchy !
        A country needs a leadership.
        But you seem to think that you have all the right answers and are a better fit for the job, in which case you should have ran for office 🙂

        Votre lettre, en plus d’être d’une incroyable arrogance, est empreinte de beaucoup d’amertume. De celle émanant d’un adversaire se reveillant avec la gueule de bois au lendemain d’une lourde defaite (Berengiste ?).

        The elections are over. It is time to make positive statements. It is time to wish for the best.
        You may suggest priorities, share your ideas, and share your solutions.
        You may as well state your concerns, and remind the new PM of past mistakes.
        But all this can be stated in a positive and productive manner, without all the arrogance and bitterness.

        “Working with rather than against each other is more rewarding, more productive and more fun” … you should follow your own advice !!

        “You [now] know what you need to do [with the phrasing of this letter]. Just do it.” =D

      • The letter does not advocate for anarchy – simply a government that is responsive to the people. We all have a role to play but standing for election is not one that the author is suited for.

      • There is no true leader because perception of each and everyone is different. Saying that what you said in the letter is great, but my friend, it is every citizen responsibility to make their country their home. The divide and rule era should be abolished and citizens should feel themselves Mauritian above all. Goodbye the voice of whatever religion it is. True SAJ needs to be a mentor more than a leader and same applies for Paul Berenger. Anyway, hope that you letter reaches the Leaders and make them realise that the country and the people that they serve.

      • There is no true leader as each and every one has their own perception and since that is the major difference for every individual, the perfect leader only exists in what we think. Having said that, ain’t we the one to take the responsibility of our country? The citizens should make their country a place call home. The era of divide an rule should be abolished and goodbye to those ethical groups (voice of whatever and others). My friend you are right that is great time that SAJ must now be a mentor and same applies for Paul Berenger. Hope your letter gets in the mind of the government and may we also put our hands together for a better Mauritius.

      • Let us hope that SAJ and ministers and surroundings will not become arrogant like NCR. As a father SAJ has to teach to them how to deal with POWER. Some of the population expectations is as follows

        1st – Be ready to answer to journalists for watever questions and ready to accept critics from private radios whenever there is, not to banned them.

        2nd – Not to be arrogant on the road, even if you’re the prime minister. Respect and modesty will bring you higher.

        3rd – To be redeemable about the numbers of advisors( petit copain) who will be taken on board in every ministries.

        4th – There must be a law so that in the future the Prime Minister cannot with the complecity of the leader of the opposition or other any member of the national assembly stop the parliament for several month, if possible the parliament has to be seated twice or more per week like bigger demogratical countries instead of once a week actually.

        5th: Every Mauritian wants the members of the parliament to work harder for what they are paid for.

        6th – We want to stop with the way that NCR did and we want transparency in every government action.

        7th – To inquire as soon as possible about all the gift that NCR gave to all his petit copains and copines ( lands, tenders, etc…).



      • To the author,
        I cannot understand why you are saying WE! You are speaking for whom here? Mauritians of age to vote woke up, left their houses, went to the voting poll stations and voted to elect people who will represent them in the national assembly. You are very wrong if you are considering those people as the WE you are talking about. If there’s something I don’t appreciate is how some people like you, MINIMALIZE the victory, work and effort of other people as if you want to APPROPRIATE other’s due and merit! The population elected SAJ & his party massively, so it’s a victory for the mass. If you want to talk for yourself have the guts and say it frankly, don’t hide behind the WE!

        SAJ proposed 12 immediate priority measures and some 307 other measures, which once he is in power, his government will implement. Those who voted for him are expecting to see his electoral programme being implemented. Why should he now come and follow your advices, orders or plans?

        You seem to know well what problems Mauritians are facing; you could have yourself created a party and stand as candidate dear, especially, when you seem to know so much about tactical electoral voting. As you said yourself people would have voted even monkeys!

        Nobody got rid of SAJ after 2000 because against all odds he made Paul Berenger Prime Minister and retired to Reduit. Check this link:


        “A single man is minority, a leader is the majority.”
        ― Amit Kalantri

      • You are entitled to your opinion. No doubt many people worked very hard on both sides. No doubt too that far more money was spent than is allowed under electoral law. No doubt all winning candidates will be committing perjury when they swear that they stayed within those limits. “We” refers to the 1800 facebookers who liked the post.

    • The choice of the people should be accepted even if it has undertones of ‘anarchy’. But is it right to accept the lesser evil? Where are we going as a nation? Someone commented above that the people have matured,I think this is the only truth.

  41. Obviously, the writer doesnt like SAJ! C li nou sauveur zordi, our only hope! If you think you did something wise, why show-off man? SAJ indeed is a wise choice! If you thought a 2nd miracle of the economy cannot be achieved, then why did you vote him? 🙂



      • I do support some of your points but not all of them…THis is why i liked your blog.It doesnt mean that i have voted for a party that i did not believe would clean our country or that i did not believe in the 1st economic miracle or that i do not believe in the possibility of a second economic miracle. I am an unemployed graduate * graduer chomeur` and many people like me have voted for lepep alliance hoping for a better future for the country. We arent petit copains . I have not begged for job to any politician and i will not do so in the future, AND i certainly wouldnt have voted for Monkeys instead of NCR.
        If you are using ` We for the 1800 likes` and if you believe that if someone liked the blog or the letter means that he is completely adherent to whatever you are saying you are wrong according to me. But we are in a democracy now, you can do whatever you feel like,
        if you have toned down and wrote a less aggressive letter. I would like to say Bravo as aleast you are often to suggestions.
        again thanks

  43. all i understand is that the author is anti Jugnauth.
    may be a roder boute qui fine mange plein avec ramgoolam , aster la role teign ape trouve tout so qualite zalouserie. the best for is ale rode to boute avec SAJ aussi

  44. The first paragraph of the original text is at first surprising (if not shocking) and can even make you react too quickly…the rest of the text is quite good and the other subsequent comments are all interesting but…for me…the most important thing that happened on polling day is that the people of Mauritius has (once more) been capable through pure democratic sanction give a lesson to all political individual thinking that he can take us for puppets or dummies! I do not personally agree with your judgement of SAJ; he did in fact put the country back on tracks and the country was indeed on its knees when he came to power. He did not do an economical miracle (which did really happen) on his own…every member of the business, social, religious society; in fact all of us pulled together under his leadership to “save” our island…and we did it all hand in hand! I do believe that SAJ has still the guts and the spark which can make us all want to pull together and put things right! Navin Ramgoolam and Paul Berenger deserved what they got (actually I believe that Paul Berenger should pull out as gracefully as possible from the political life of Mauritius and that Navin Ramgoolam should go back to the UK and look after his roses or other interests he has…). SAJ has got afterall a surprisingly fresh team around him; lets give them a fair chance!

  45. You are right, when you say (but in a very untimely and derogatory manner) that “this is not India”: if it were (and we are allowed to dream), we would have experienced a judiciary with real independence and competence, delivering substantiated judgments with rational and sensible reasoning. A long long way before “this” can resemble India !

    • The bit about India has been removed. Criticising the Mauritian Judiciary like you do is a “scandalous” offence – at least according to them 😉 Fortunately you can still appeal to the Privy Council – if you can afford it.

  46. I will say SAJ n his partners that if they do not take things with much seriouness then THe Ramgoolam who will be free from z parliament will be here again in less than 5 years to make his comeback. Its just a matter of a lion which never dies but just rest for some times to revamp. SAJ better u n ur team do not make z same mistake as yesterdays.. Ramgoolam is n will be still here before z next election to try n seek for revenge.

  47. its good when citizens shows interest how they want their country to be governed, but the letter shows too much attitude according to me. Why criticizing INDIA here?? we have no right to do it, India’s ministers are not paid by us. 2ndly how can you say that he has left Reduit only to save his son?? What do you know about the medpoint saga that citizens of this country don’t know?? plz share it with us, and also with institutions like Human Rights and other international agencies . By the way who are you?? Economist, Scientists ?Lawyer? who are you?? expert in what? where were you when NCR was acting as PM but doing nothing except causing so much harm to the country??
    i don’t think its good to belittle a new PM even before he has taken the oath.. you are criticizing the man even before he has done anything wrong …which is wrong.. do it based upon his actions … and if you think you are competent enough , plz come forward. tell us who are you?? stop being anonymous .

    • The bit about India has been removed. The author is a Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford University and has some knowledge of renewable energy. You can find out his name with a little effort.

      • Dr would you please explain the point of this open letter?
        did you write such letter to Dr NCR in 2005 or 2010?
        Are you a PTR or MMM Fan ?
        Did a Doctor in philosophy From Oxford university say that he can even vote for MOnkeys to rule over his country.
        would the doctor state if he would have prefered NCR to stay and rule over Mtius or maybe would the doctor tell he population about his views on the second republic project?#
        thank you

  48. Absolute drivel. The writer is either an idiot or a very immature person who cannot string a sentence together that makes sense and is logical.
    For e.g :
    “Where has all the soil gone and the fertility that allowed plants to flourish without chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides?”

    The soil is still there…it’s all around us…have you not noticed by any chance? It’s normally brown or dark brown or light brown. Where do you think all of the soil has gone? All hoovered up and now we gaze upon fields of bedrocks?

    What fertility are you talking about? This is modern agriculture – NPK has always been used to provide food on your plate. How else do you propose to get rid of weeds other than using herbicides and control pests with pesticides? This year alone, whole crops of chilly have been lost to fungus due to inclement wet weather. Obviously only the planter takes the hit and not your pocket nor your small mind.

    Get your head out of your arse and do some research before posting ignorant stuffs.

      • What part of modern agriculture did you not understand?

        If you want hippie agriculture, feel free to start your own garden but don’t expect nor demand the struggling farmer to follow suit.

        As pointed out already, it’s NPK that puts food on your plate and it’s still not enough for us to satisfy local needs that we have to import staple foods such as potatoes and onions.

        And as pointed out by many already, you can’t include everyone by starting your draft drivel with ‘WE’ when it’s you only.

        When you are at the head of a party or form part of a party/org, then you may start whatever you wish to write with WE. Till then, keep it to your own name.

    • soil went under concrete, and if you know only chemicalsto put food on the table you have atleast five decades of modernity to catch up

      • Soil went under concrete…captain obvious on here I see.

        Sure, let’s rip it all out and start live in natural caves. I’m sure there’s plenty around to house us all while we regress back into neanderthal era.

        I did not specify what type of NPK but as you’ve assumed already it’s chemical, then I’ll enlighten you with guano.

      • 🙂 Anos… U certainly think egocentrically, when I said all went under concrete you jump both feet to ask if we ought to live in caves? Answer this then: Ebene cybercity was agricultural land, wasn’t it? Do you live in the bright concrete buildings in Ebene? Are there people living in those bright big buildings? Mauritian people?

        Bagatelle…was agricultural…wasn’t it? Do you live in Bagatelle?
        La Croisette…was agricultural…wasn’t it? Do you live there?
        And I’ve hundreds of projects like this.

        You did not mention what kind of NPK? When you live in a society that over produce, not to feed, you automatically turn to artificial means of agriculture. The earth was naturally fertile before the becoming of your type, devastators, city builders, temple builders, all the food plants that you now grow existed naturally. How do you think this was possible? Little green men from Mars put guano in the soil?

        Return to cave? I’d prefer than to live with ye kind. Unable to be really creative.

  49. Who is this ‘we’ in the letter to the new PM? I do not want to be included in this ‘we’.

    My vote is based entirely on competency and leadership of this team and not against any party. (and no mauritian would vote for monkeys common) I believe SAJ is a very good leader supported by good team (Vishnu, Xavier etc).

    I congratulate the winning party and trust they will do an excellent work.

    BTW: Did you vote in Mauritius and in which constituency?

    • And I didn’t want to be included in your beliefs. I did not vote saj but still he will be the new pm.

      BTW: What’s the importance of his constituency? Kominal encore? ou soit ou pou al faire batte li? Mo dakor aver láuteur 100%

  50. Please put it in all newspapers and even send it to the new prime minister. Thank you for this beautiful writing, just one thing all is good, but I think, it is not totally true to say, that mauritian people voted against SAJ, even though, it may be quite True.

  51. I totally agree with that. Great letter! You bring tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. I thought it was hopeless for us as humans, but I might be wrong. Time for real change!!!

  52. First of all I think you should respect democracy. He could have stayed in Reduit and enjoy all the facilities at his age. But choose the hard way to help this country
    You are talking about respect but from your writing you are showing none to an elderly person. SAJ may have made a few mistakes in the past but he was the one who made Mauritius a properous so when you writing your remarks at least try to be honest.

      • With the right to speak and write freely comes the responsibility to do so with honesty, respect and fairness, all of which lacks greatly in this draft drivel and by the looks of it, your lack of brains as well.

      • Anos. I agree I may lack brains, but, and you are certainly intelligent enough to grasp this, neither honesty, respect or fairness are necessary to the freedom of speech.

  53. Hello every body,
    I believe that the previous government has reaped what it has sown and the respect that i did have for Mr Berenger has completely evaporated during the episode of “on” and “off”.He has ruin himself.

    Now that we have a leader like SAJ, i hope for a bright futur for everybody.

    One advice for SAJ. The only way for sustainable development is to respect mother earth, to plant and reap sufficiently so that we no more depend on others, to develop non renewable energy and finally to ensure an equitable distribution of wealth in the country.

  54. very well said my friend.The best part which I really like in thios statement and which I always had in my mind is that <the government should really look after these poor people who cannot afford to have a meal to overcome there hunger.people who is still living in bad conditions and even don't have a shelter .please there is also a big effort to do about the rate of criminality and law & order which should prevail in this country,anyway for me these two problems should be eliminated first and be eradicated .I hope action will be taken in the coming days and thank you very much to take my request into consideration

  55. Wonderful !! That was badly needed ! and that’s the real truth..am happy if all mauritians can think and act like this..only then, we can say that we have progressed in our thoughts..we should command political parties because they represent us in the parliament and we elected then to do a duty on our behalf, and not the other way !! well done. hats off mate

  56. This letter makes me laugh. Instead of making this letter go viral, how about writing a letter to the Mauritian population and tell them to get their lazy self off and start working towards the prosperity of this nation.

    You know what’s the problem with us,we like to sit down, complain and pass the blame on every other one. we are just very passive people!!

    Well you know what! if you want the nation to prosper, the first thing you should do is change your attitude and work together. Stop expecting others to make this country a better place. Prosperity relies on productivity. Work hard!

    Miracles don’t just happen!! you have to work hard for it to happen. And that does not only include the government. it includes you people as well! So instead of telling SAJ what you expect of him, start asking yourselves questions about how you can help to bring this country to prosper.

    • No, I think the problem is we are cowards, ignorant and lack creativity.
      Example: “So instead of telling SAJ what you expect of him, start asking yourselves questions about how you can help to bring this country to prosper.”
      Almost the copy paste of the:

      And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
      —John F. Kennedy, inauguration address, January 1961.

      Don’t you get bored of yourself sometimes? This completely lack of genuine intelligence? Well I do and when someone like the author dare do something really genuine I cannot just act stupid

      • I could have written the same exact quote! And yes, that’s what inspired me to put it in here because I know every other person knows the quote. It’s sad that from whatever I said, you didn’t agree with a single thing. All you could point out was the the fact that I’m boring and not creative. Getting inspired from a quote and trying to inspire others does not make me boring. Like I said, Mauritian just like to sit complain and blame others!!

  57. Being critical is good but a bit biased – in my point of view

    1. Not all people voted SAJ because they loved him TRUE – but we must not forget that the man has his list of accomplishments and also that many believe in that and him.

    2. It’s good to set out what we, le peuple, want – common we voted for him let us at least give him a chance to get started – he is not yet started. The least we can do is show some belief.

    3. There was no point voting for someone you believe unfit for the job – If you did vote, it means somewhere you know and understand that among all the other alternatives, he was the best one to deal with the situation.

    4. The youth sadly do not want to indulge in politics – so we cannot expect a young hero to emerge yet out of the blue but this might change in future. Let’s wait and watch.

    I hope the new government is more receptive to novel ideas we want to bring out – but there should be a way to maybe channel all this – with all due respect required.

    • On number 3.
      The fact is that the simple act of not voting for Ramgoolam add up to SAJ, any vote against Ramgoolam, even if it were not to SAJ, went to play for SAJ.

  58. I have been notifying that people are still manifesting for the victory of MSM party.Some are provoking the opponent.its time to move on.People are waiting for the result.Don’t think that people in constituency no 7 is stupid but contrarily they know when they have to take action.Don’t underestimate us.

  59. All i have to say is that all these votes were an investment which public had massively invest on SAJ trust so that they can earn a huge interest in terms of A Better governance!
    Since SAJ is nw elected as PM the best is this letter in which you are voicing out for the welfare of the population.

  60. Sounds like a letter drafted by ‘gato piments’….nice letter, but full of propaganda….especially some of his comments above about someone saving his son…:)…anyhow, nice try buddy….come back in 5 years plz.

    • One day or another things will change, it will the people who will decide. No need to wait or come back in 5 years. I don’t know about the author but I will here when the people will be fed up with this leadershit mentality.

  61. Each and every one of us must be z perfect leader as unity brings power and stability, may everyone be his own leader to rebuild our drownning country, ” nu sommes tous les maillons dune chaine, si une se separe, c fini! Btw great thoughts friends, kip it up!

  62. We Cannot limit our choice to Names that made history of Mauritius but give a chance to hidden talents.. Gud luck anyway to the new regime..

  63. Well, I have not got a clue what mauritians are debating ‘after election’ well, guys it is pointless now.
    let’s hope for an improvement in all sectors for the benefit of all levels of people..God Save Mauritius!

  64. Well said…but as for my family,we didnt vote blindly …we want to give SAJ a chance and we believe that he will do something for the country to be indeed remembered by his actions. We suffered enough and this country was going through too much of bullshits,it was getting really corrupted politically. We hope SAJ will do the necessary to make his country prosper and keep running in a healthy state; being it about meritocracy,finance,education,health,safety,corruption and law ( think well about the pros and cons before applying new laws).

  65. Yash, i believe u are delusional in ur thoughts. People have voted against PTR/MMM. why didnt they vote for other candidates than lepep? are u serious about ur question? other candidates can form a government? many doesnt even have 60 candidates. Some are even a joke. so ur question of not voting lepep and going for small fries is totally absurd

    All said in my view.

    This letter should reach the PM

    • I think they didn’t vote for other parties because other parties do politics other ways. What does this mean? I’m shameful to be a Mauritian, never thought we were so studid and I almost cried when I heard the results. This time I really thought things would change. It happens that when the first result were showing Lepep as winners I was eavesdropping a conversation where two people were happy that each supported a different party and their ending words were: Nunn bien fer noune met lor tou le 2, seki gagne nou pareil meme.

  66. If you say the Alliance Lepep sent their weakest candidates in No 5, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Mr Callychurn is a die-hard Labour whose impact in the constituency is very similar to the one created by Mr Collendavelloo in No19. On the other hand, Mr Teeluckdarry is a well-known respected lawyer. I won’t compare them to monkeys.

    If I find the tone of your letter too harsh and severe to send to a newly-elected Prime Minister even before he takes office, I totally agree what you write about democracy, economy, Environment and Education.

    We are all eager to see the passing of a Freedom of Information Act, improving the perception of corruption index in the island, new pillars being created to boost the economy, concrete measures being taken towards the use of green energy, a re-think of our education system, without forgetting solving the water crisis, redressing our national teams (im particular football), amongst others.

    All in all, if I can resume your draft letter as such:
    Dans la forme, j’ai des doutes. Mais dans le fond, parfait!

    • There was no intention to compare the candidates in No 5 to monkeys. Mr Teeluckdarry is a friend but certainly far less respected than Raouf Gulbul in No.3 (who only came in 6th). The fact that SAJ did not risk better candidates in No. 5 is that he did not expect NCR to lose his seat. Even he did not quite grasp the anger against NCR. That said the argument has been removed because it’s nuance is not being grasped. Certainly the tone of the letter would be inappropriate for a novice PM, but for the person who has held the office the longest and lost it the most?

      • My dear friends on this platform,
        I am writing to express my sole very opinion on my country,my people and a nation as a whole.When I was a kid in a poor village in Mauritius,I was never so happy in my life though we had from time to time 1 sous or 5 sous from father to buy a gateau coco at the local tabagie.I played CASSE COTE games with all my friends on the main road and I kept on me the same petit veste which my mother sewed for me and my 6 other brothers.I left Mauritius long time ago and now leaving in Europe.You cannot imagine the passion and love I have for my motherland Mauritius,and every-time something goes wrong in Mauritius,it hurts me right in the middle of my heart.
        My HONEST wish is that Mauritius re-embraces democracy with the new government and my prayer for more opportunities being given to the people who have been left abandoned in a corner for years and years.WHY so much violence and a degradation of ethics lately in our country is the result of a nonparity of equal chances being given to all,hope this changes.When the poor contemplates the rich getting richer and richer,he has no other option than to steal,and kill and get his share by force.Distribute the cake to all,crime will drop down and poor people will have the opportunity to upraise.
        Sir Anerood Jugnauth ,I know,will struggle to build a better Mauritius but he needs all of you,and the success behind depends on everybody’s hard work>

        Thank you.

    • Lost it the most? He lost it only once, in 1995. In 2005, Mr Ramgoolam beat a Paul Berenger-led MMM-MSM alliance to return to power. At that time, SAJ was President of the Republic.

      I agree he made some blunders. Like any other politician, he also portrayed the image of an opportunist at some points during his career. Still, he’s a newly-elected PM. His team consisting of some brilliant individuals like Mssrs Lutchmeenaraidoo, Collendavelloo, Teeluckdarry, Mrs R.Jadoo and now Mr Kee-Chong represents a new hope after the disastrous Ramgoolam era, especially his last mandate. I’ll grant them a ‘honeymoon period’ for now, but they will be aware they have an awful lot of challenges to meet and should start delivering pretty quickly!

      • Fair enough “most” was the wrong word. But for SAJ to recover from a 60-0 defeat in 1995 shows that he is not as sensitive to critical feedback as you seem to fear. Honeymoons are for newly married couples, not governments. When was the last time you started a new job and were given a “honeymoon period”?

  67. Hello Everyone, firstly i would like send my appreciation to the author of this letter since he did really put forward some really interested points. Secondly, i would like to stress on the fact that I was neither for the Ramgoolam Government nor for the SAJ one. I personally don’t think that it was right to give back power to “Mr SAJ” considering what he did in the past but what Mauritian really disappointed me its on the fact that they voted SAJ not because they think that he will be able to change something but did it because they wanted to get ride of the actual Government which is a very very wrong decision. Its not a thing to do to just give away power to the first coming person just because you are fed up with the present one. According to me, there are some persons who will be given the responsibility of a Ministry and given the title of Minister when they does not even deserve to be a Zoo Guarding( I am not judging anyone but personally i know 2 candidate who won which really really don’t merit it). Mauritius is definitely a paradise guys but unfortunately we got only incapable to rule over it, Was Mauritius ready at that time to have 100% independence or would it have been much better to stay under the British flag?? Lets compare us to Reunion Island, i won’t say that they are supreme than us but nonetheless if we compare their economy, crime rate and way of living,where are we situated compared to them? Furthermore, Mauritius knows only two names as Prime Minister: Ramgoolam father& son and Jugnauth, is it fair??? Are we really talking of a country in the 21th century guys?? I bet that the next name that we will see will be Jugnauth son. Is there any logic in it?? Let go back in the past and just see again the mistake that the German did in trusting Hitler. Germany was in ruin, everyone was suffering and there came Hitler as A prophet for some, a reliever for others. Everyone knows what happened next!!!!!!! Same situation, Mauritian gave fully confidence to SAJ believing that he will change the situation, but to what extend?? Will he really be able to do it?? Is our child really destined for a better future with him or with his son,or who ever he pass on power???? When will Mauritian stop thinking that they are incapable and stand up and say that they are fed up with monarchies and that they really want fresh blood?? Can’t there be any Government which will stop the capitalism system but rather will focus its light on those persons who still have the power to dream and the power to become a leader. In each and everyone of us there is that leadership treat, but why are we still afraid to let it come on the surface. According to me, this time Mauritian did released that its them who decide but when will they have the gut to get ride of those power suckers and make a new republic, one which will focus on its poor’s, one which will work for a better Mauritius but not on passing power to their kids… Its time for us to open our eyes and fight for our rights, rights that we well deserve folks!

  68. Dear Guys,

    I have been reading the letter and tried to read all the above posts in respect to that letter, finally i am thinking to myself who has time to write all these!!!!!
    To the letter writer, If you really want to comment what has happened in the recent election and want to give your advice to the elected prime minister, then where were you before the election????? you could have given us advice and guided us with your wonderful words!!!!!!!.
    Too easy to sit behind your computer/laptop/tablet/ or whatever device and comment on the past but can you really create the future??? I believe SAJ can even at this age. (i am not denying the bad things he has done in the past but nobody was or is better than him as a person and as a leader)
    Just to tell you, i have never voted for NCR and will never vote for him or party that will make him prime minister…for me NCR is not worthy to be a prime minister.
    No hard feelings… this is my opinion only and i do not wish to challenge the writer. i only wished to write a few words to share my views, that is all.

  69. May your voice be heard but i doubt it considering the mass of stupidity I’m reading in the comments. I’m really thinking of leaving this country.

      • I won’t it, worry not 🙂
        By the way did yoU notice that yoUr nick is quite fUnny? The missing tilde really makes it look like another word…jUst replace one letter…yoU get it?

  70. Hope, faith n hard work is the only way people progress. We cannot blame the government for everything, we get the government we deserve… YOU are the driver of change… Change yourself to be able to change the society we are living in!

  71. Hi your draft letter is a real good read and reflects a stroke of genius. If it so happens that the political agenda put forward by SAJ lamentably flunks in whatever context then who will be the real political challenger of SAJ or his son or his party in five years time as in my humble opinion today all Mauritians are handcuffed either with Navin Ramgoolam or SAJ and we feel stuck with the formula of a ‘Bol Renverse’ menu.

  72. Les Mauriciens veulent juste vivre et non pas survivre, comme ils l’ont fait jusqu’à maintenant.
    Faut partager équitablement les richesses.
    Faut imposer un salaire de base minimale.
    Faut retourner aux mauriciens ce qui leur appartiennent.
    Nous sommes des étrangers dans notre propre pays.
    Et biensur suis tout à fait d’accord avec votre lettre.
    Surtout le passage où c’est dit que…nous vous avons choisit pour ne pas choisir votre adversaire….!
    Entre d’autres mots nous fine “viré mam”…b si
    ou fané…nou pou “deviré mam”.

  73. HEALTH SYSTEM-just like education it’s not absolutely free;you have to go and see the treating specialist in the private to have a proper care.Certain basic treatment are not available in the dispensaries.No proper family planning promoted;you still see mothers with half a dozen children particularly among the poor working class.Antenatal care also is not done properly-no proper ultrasound examination done.Reports of many cases of medical negligence and fact finding committees are lying in the drawer and the culprits are roaming around freely,and the lists continue.
    The next Minister of Health should assume his duties with his third eye opened.I personally suggest that the Minister of Health should be from the medical profession as in many countries as he will know the “rouage” of the system and is not misdirected by the technicians surrounding him.I am sure someone from the medical profession will never take the responsibility since he knows how his colleagues behave and probably he has been doing the same during his practice.

    • Public hospitals don’t need to be this way – look at Cuba. Why do we have doctors as Ministers of Education and Public Utilities and lawyers everywhere?

  74. Without being cynical or rather being cynical , it’s about behavioural change i.e nearly impossible change ! It makes me think of Julius Caesar: how the crowd swayed with Brutus then with Anthony!In six months the syncophants will make us forget that there was a ‘nuvo lizour’. Well, my only wish is that they allow regulatory authorities work , not only ICAC but the rest of them…but then, this is wishful thinking when it will come to sacred cows! U know , those who will get their permits anyway!

  75. Well said but we cannot have too much expectation from our political leaders as the reality is that their actions are hardly selfless for the best interest of the nation. So we always have to choose between the lesser of the two evils.

  76. We had to chose between NCR and SAJ and we chose the lesser evil. I have a request to the author of this letter: can you draft another one addressed to NCR/PRB if PTR/MMM had won the elections. Or would you have been so happy with them that you would have nothing to say?

  77. The now sir aneerood jugnauth is very reconnaissant to the people. He knows that we have given him a vote of sympathy as the two monsters thought that Msm was just a “brede” and they were going to just make a “bouchée” of it.
    But they had forgotten that we mauritians we have a heart. We will not accept any kind of “dominere”
    So we have given the two monsters a lesson of our kindness.
    Hope sir aneerood always remember that.

  78. Hi.
    While reading this letter I feel there is someone who wants a real change instead for dream. Well, you are right to say we vote against Ramgoolam and we dnt want another one like him. Our lives is not much expensive than a pen but it is really burden with lots of worries and future concern. Our economy is being run from loans which each Mauritian is in debt even not willing to. There so many to solve and there is so little time but if you as SAJ promise to solve these problems one by one then every Mauritian will be after you but if not you will out too.

  79. Teachers are not being idle during school hours. You are wrong. The problem is that the syllabuses are too bulky and therefore we need more time to cover them leaving hardly any consolidation and rehearsal time which is vital to transfer the new knowledge to the long term memory. In RCA schools we don’t have private tuition but Enrichment programme whereby we are paid a minimum amount. Giving private tuition at home would have provided us with a higher financial reward. But yet teachers stay at school and help their pupils. Teachers are also allowing their own children to have private tuition with their classroom teachers. Do you know why? Because they know about the necessity of the additional time. So stop talking about what you think as realities!!!! Some teachers are neglecting their home and heath for their pupils and stop attacking them.

    • Surely you are right about some teachers putting students first. If only there were more. RCA schools are probably better than state ones. It is strange though that students in Europe seem much better educated on average than Mauritians – and they have a life while growing up. Can you explain that? The system is wrong and that is what needs to change.

      • They only seem to be better educated in film. We have had pupils returning to Mauritius (from Europe) in our class and I can confirm that they are not better off despite the fact that they are very intelligent. We also have pupils who have gone abroad and according to the feedback, we find that they know and are able to do things that the pupils of these ‘more developed countries’ can’t. Maybe more emphasis should be placed on programming from an early age. One more thing, our pupils are able to master more foreign languages that the foreigners.

  80. Concerning the economic situation, I remember that people were poor and unemployed before the rise in power of Aneerood. It is under his leadership that we have been able to buy the electrical appliances and have a higher standard of living. He was able to grab the opportunities by attracting the investors from Hong Kong who were fleeing their country. I still believe in another economical miracle as the economy depends on the quick decisions of the leaders to foresee the dangers and recognise the opportunities. I think that we have the right people in the right place to do it.

  81. U can pls change the word ‘WE’ to ‘I’. Don’t talk for all mauritians who voted for Lepep. I voted for lepep because I believe in SAJ. I believe he can bring a positive change in Mauritius. If you want to write the letter, write it for you my friend. I wouldn’t have voted for monkeys! I voted for someone who deserved to be elected as PM. Thank you.

  82. Dear SAJ,

    Don’t worry if you mess up again we will kick you out and 15 years later we will bring you back. Bio-tech is getting better and better we might be able to preserve you in Ice. We will keep voting for people that haven’t proved anything or never showed their faces in their respective constituencies and will hand those plonkers with a license to steal.

    thank you.

  83. Well thought out and well written. If there is one message to address and convey the overall sentiment of the population .. this has to be it! It is not about control, but rather about serious concerns as to the future direction of our country. You have thought well and spoken wisely. I complement your messages with a sincere hope that the messages are heard and acted upon. We have to protect our youth and this is where it begins. Responsibility!

  84. Someone once said we have the government we deserve and the economy does not work as per the wishes of the people neither do politicians have the latitude or the magic wand to make all your wishes come true. Economy has to be steered prepared groomed. People have to make constant effort, better themselves at all stages of life. Education has to prepare the youth with a creative edge, it has to constantly change and adapt to the exigencies of the economy and world order. It has to focus on research in science technology etc etc. There is no mantra to make all this happen but collective hard work, honesty etc and above all self discipline. Before asking the government for the sky think about how you could better yourself to be a universal citizen.

  85. Neither with money nor arrogance you can win an election. The power to choose a government depend only on population. Well done all electeurs who have choosen a non Ramgoolam party.
    Now its time to make Mauritius a true Paradise Island. Proud to be Mauritius.

  86. Your article reflects a lot of truth but some will certainly disagree…everybody is free to express oneself. There’s one thing that will never change, it’s politicians. Politicians are what they are…no need for me to make a picture or recap the past. As you mentioned it, people voted for Alliance Lepep to prevent against the 2nd Republic and the rotten situation in the country. It’s the victory of the people above all. It’s also a warning against this coming new government and lawmakers…’don’t be arrogant’ and we will see if you are working in the interest of the people or your own.

  87. This is so well laid down. I hope our new Prime Minister and his team have a chance to read this. I am one of these young Mauritians who left the island because we didn’t believe that there was a bright future for our children and us. But with this new team, I personally have hope that if they work in collaboration and without religious or cultural lobbying or inteference, they could really do great things for our lovely island.

  88. Your letter lacks a lot of sense. You need to understand that the politicians do not come up by themselves. If you did not vote for Navin, then eventually you voted for SAJ.
    So let him do the work his way because there was not such any kind of letter you wrote to Navin when he was in power. So here itself you got quite some democracy to be able to write this.
    Writing letters to PM does not change the way he works.

      • The same democracy never existed before. It would be good by creating one though. But we need to understand in which state our country was and what it needs to be now.

  89. It’s well said.sir anerood I think you have learned your lesson 1995 .you also was not elected n now the people who you have appealed in your old age Le pep. Has responded to your appeal n has put trust in you to correct the past n give a great lesson of those who when over do it where it’s ends up.you are more than mature .you also remembered what defeat means n why you were defeated.but nuvin in bez ou ene maii lavance.all defeats are acquired of corruption .1982 .60 zero travailliste ti rent dan poubel 2 listoir e ajourdi nuvin same story but with a woman behind his defeat nandani. …une grimacire. Impordonable en politics. Ou bizin re merci li pou so indirect help u won it.n also the power of media’s lik radio which you granted licence in 2000.they are the hidden nuclear submarine .now abide your words help the nation implement your programs .pay the exams fees etc .moris li riche li.manage it n discard all rodeur bout gives the deserves one .eliminates the venom of rasist group n fear god .you will b able to mark the history n comes the father of the new generation .you represent the future n please never marginalised minority even not voted for you. You are a Pm for all people living on this island call Mauritius. Please account all those been involved in corruption even in med point .u have the courage .Please show this generation who have heard of rambo but not know rambo. Liberate the innocent of amical .i know your capacity in commission la drogue 1986 .you risk your life against mafia to save the contry .your contribution is outstanding. Pass Un law quick to ask for account for all parliament members n those ministers. Lik Sarkozy in France . Beebejaun bizin rend compte.mr minis colas etc .ban transfused Q ine trahir msm rend zot compt .rapel ou victory is lik David upon goliath. A small army beaten a big one .its a people victory .They eliminate nuvin n have no better alternative than you.please help this contry men n women im abroad but i love my contry Il tears when I write this sentence. We are made of earth n will b earth again .But our deeds will shines to the end of time .I wish you all the best n will b here to help if my contry n you need me without fame n interests .Thank you long live meri maa meri desh. Meri watan I love you Mauritius. We are one peuple Thanks

  90. Un peu de respect Docteur ! SAJ est notre PM. Son équipe a été élue démocratiquement, il y a 3 jours, par plus de la moitié de la population. Donnons-lui du temps pour s’organiser. Nul n’est parfait. Pourquoi s’attarder sur les 1-2 écarts du MSM et minimiser les nombreuses prouesses de SAJ ? Le peuple a choisi cette alliance pour plusieurs raisons. Les commentaires des internautes et votre lettre qui paraît avoir été rédigée par un groupe de frustrés mauves réunis pour un post-mortem des plus amères, contient quand-même quelques bonnes suggestions. Merci de la part de l’équipe gagnante.
    Vous dites que SAJ devrait faire le procés des Rouges. D’accord ! Mais des Mauves aussi ! ( surtout ceux qui se sont battus pour garder NCR au pouvoir). Avez-vous rédigé une lettre semblable pour les 2 autres concurrents malheureux ? On serait interessés de voir vos attaques sur leurs gaffes et de commenter sur eux aussi. Heureusement que le Remake n’était qu’une farce des MMM pour la reconquête des villes à travers les municipalités, sinon probablement au gouvernement, parmis des éventuels élus MMM, des gens haineux, vindicatifs, jaloux, arrogants virvolteraient avec beaucoup d’hypocrisie autour de SAJ.
    Dieu sait ce qu’Il fait. Là au moins, SAJ a autour de lui une multitude de gens qui croient en lui et en ses capcités de remettre le pays sur les rails. Le pays est s’en dessus dessous. Sur la tête de chaque habitant pèse une dette de Rs 170,000. L’environnement, la santé, l’éducation doivent être repensés. Tout est à refaire. Votre blog permet aux Mauriciens de s’exprimer. Mais il faut être honnête. Les résultats des élections ont montré que le MSM est un grand parti avec un grand leader. On ne dira pas la même chose au sujet du MMM, ni pour le PTr. Cependant comme la campagne électorale a pris fin, l’heure est à la co-opération et à la reconstruction.
    NCR et son ex-complice PRB ont empeché aux partis émergeants de s’organiser. Les adversaires de SAJ n’avaient qu’un programme: le pouvoir à NCR et à PRB à tout prix !! Avec les “snap elections”, les votants n’ont pas eu l’occasion de comprendre le programme des autres partis émergeants ou socialistes. PRB et NCR ont étouffé la voix des jeunes, des dames, des socialistes et des écologistes. Je suis convaincue que le pays pourra respirer entre les mains de l’Alliance LÉPEP et que graduellement la souffrance du peuple diminuera. Mon souhait est que l’équipe gagnante donne plus de latitude et de liberté à ces nouveaux politiciens qui ont eux aussi beaucoup de solutions durables pour notre société et notre économie.
    PS. Good news ! Tant qu’on est honnête, il n’y a pas lieu de se cacher derrière des pseudonymes. La dictature s’est envolée et les fautes de langage permises ! Vive la liberté!

  91. The bus fair is very high the middle class people have to spend more money on traveling. My request is to make the half fair to help poor ,& middle class people.

  92. Congratulations to SAJ and company. But believe or not this election was just a protest vote again NCR
    PTR & MMM electorate are still there for their respective party’s. Even a ”Pied Banane would have been elected just because we the tax payers are fed up with PTR.
    ML with Ivan as leader must be very careful for the election as the MMM has voted again NCR and they didn’t approve the 2nd republic, metro leger and NCR back again for 7 yrs.

  93. Our country was at an important junction and the decision was made and known which way it chose. Coming together to stand in unity for our country’s brighter tomorrow, for ALL its peoples’ brighter future. We really have so much to say about our expectations on democracy, economy, environment and education.
    Dear SAJ, there is indeed something you need to know. Please do not let our decision end up to no avail.
    We are not scared to toil hard. It has been in our blood, taught by our forefathers. Hence, we are willing to make sacrifices and work hard but do expect to be rewarded too in the end.
    So all we ask for is an open, transparent and accountable Government. A corruption-free Government.
    Awaiting your reply in form of the new government’s actions.

  94. Inspiritional words, although somewhat inflammatory in parts but this discourse depicts some salient issues that have paralyzed our nation for decades. No one is a prophet in his home town and one can never please everyone. This said after the euphoria of the victory is done, then comes the turn for reality check. Changes won’t happen overnight it will take time to introduce measures to rectify all the wrong doings of the predecessors, that is if the alliance lasts. Too often when politicians gain access to power, greed and the need to hold on to it overtakes the will to do good for the common good. History has shown this time and time again. Mauritius badly needs a change from communalism, favouritism, systemic coruption. Every single ethnic group should be able to have a proportionate share and opportunities in the making our great nation even greater. This can only be achieved if all Mauritians are treated equitably and subject to same justice for all. Good luck Xavier, you surely have your job cut out for you, Sir. Everyone is eager to see changes due to the long years of deprivation whether it be social, economical, financial, emotional, physical and the ravaging effects of corruption, nepotism, favouritism, communalism etc etc. The need for change is pressing however change does not happen overnight. There are many variables that come into play to promote real changes. Government can be an agent of change but each individual has a part to play to achieve the meaningful change that the nation is after. Mauritius is very small compared with the giants of the G8 whether we like it or not we are dependent same as many other developing countries on those ‘vampires’ for we lack natural resources that would allow us to be self sufficient and self reliant. It is a capitalist world and money talks and without it not much can be achieved to improve housing, health care, education, apprenticeship, research, unemployment and all the other priorities. Now lepep as a political entity has its job cut out for it. Certain issues will get addressed and resolved in the immediate and others will take longer that is if the alliance lasts. Mr. PM I don’t envy your job, may you have the courage and wisdom to lead your countrymen to a better future but rest assured that the young people of today are watching very closely indeed.

    • Thanks for your comments. Your last point is outstanding: “but rest assured that the young people of today are watching very closely indeed”. Let us hope that it is true and that you can call the Government to account during their mandate and not have to throw them out at the end of it.

  95. Previous government stayed for 9 years. This one is newly elected. I believe that patriots are not interested to throw governments out, they want government to perfom in all transparency during its mandate for the welfare of all citizens. Please allow me to give my views on Tester’s comment. Thanks. Mauritians will give time to this Alliance as Tester himself puts it: “Changes won’t happen overnight, it will take time to introduce measures to rectify all the wrong doings of the predecessors”. Tester’s comment ends with : ” Mr. PM I don’t envy your job, may you have the courage and wisdom to lead your countrymen to a better future but rest assured that the young people of today are watching very closely indeed”. I don’t see any threat in this sentence. Many youngsters would even add: “And we will be ready to step in anytime you feel we can be of help to the country”. Dr Mu, I truly believe that young people are very much interested in the affairs of the country and that they only wish to participate constructively. They have been left out for too long ! Is it not up to us, to create the proper environment and space for their useful participation ?

    • Indeed it is. The MSM’s election manifesto is entitled: “Gouverner pour le peuple AVEC le peuple”. So young people have their mandate from the new government.

  96. My point is this: has this letter reached him? I don’t see SAJ checking what is happening on fb anytime soon? This should be published by a leading newspaper because the sentiments expressed reflect an educated, conscientious, forward thinking generation who unlike the previous generation, understand the power of their vote and will not stand by and let leaders treat them like non-human à la African undemocratic regimes.

  97. When I read this letter. It’s an encouragement , we are NOT stupid. So politians cannot decide our fate. We are A nation .

  98. Le peuple a montré sa confiance en nos élus. On les envoie au parlement pour voter des lois et pour bien réfléchir et débattre avant de prendre de grandes décisions afin d’améliorer le sort des Mauriciens. Ils feront bien car ils ont comme allié, ce peuple éclairé. Même si pour le progrés, c’est préférable d’avoir un adversaire intelligent, empatique et informé qu’un ami servile, insousciant et stupide, l’idéal, c’est d’avoir aussi en face de soi, une population éduquée, juste et honnête. Nous voulons d’une nation qui a des notions claires sur ses droits et ses responsabilités.

  99. Mauritius does not belong to a group of family. Don’t make it a “dynasty”. Anyone from any family who qualifies and merits can be our future leader.

  100. Dear SAJ, your son Pravind is most likely to become the leader of the MSM party. Give him some private tuition to teach him Not to be arrogant as he has proved to be recently, to become humble and “SAGE”, before he takes over from you and to answer the questions of the journalists EVEN IF HE HAD ALREADY ANSWERED THEM BEFORE because maybe not every body had heard his answers. Far too often politicians tend to answer not the question which is being asked but the one they would have preferred to be asked and they go into lengthy explanations which is beside the point. So teach him the good things to become a good leader

      • SAJ is leader of the Alliance LÉPEP which consists of 3 political parties : It is precisely because Pravind is not ‘arrogant’ that some people do not realise that he is already the leader of the MSM . He is very bright and humble and replies frankly when interviewed . XAVIER is a hard-worker, and has the support of many from all parties. IVAN has managed to draw to him some 50% of MMM people who know that LAW & ORDER is essential for social upliftment. The 4 great leaders believe that TRUTH triumps at all times and fear nothing when the population trusts them. They will bring discipline back in all deparments and Mauritius will prosper since most Mauritians welcome discipline in all fields. (( SAJ était le père du miracle économique et en 2014 il est devenu le père de ce MIRACLE POLITIQUE qui a amené la libération d’un peuple opprimé ))

  101. Really well said my friend..i hope an opinion this wise is taken into account.SAJ is not a neophyth..i hope he will think of the country before anything else.i’m in exile and i wish to be proud of my country again…

  102. Pourquoi doit il retourner au Réduit ? Il peut très bien continuer sa vie de retraité chez lui à Vacoas en toute tranquillité.

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